Customized Perfumes


Our « Eaux de voyage » can be seen as real "chords" and be mixed and matched !

To Mix and Match fragrances ... for a personalised perfume ... An old recipe in the art of perfumery, still existing. Pioneer of the personalised perfume - since the 70's, her founder Josée Fournier suggested her customers to feel free to be creative - Comptoir Sud Pacifique bring up perfume's customization. A personalised fragrance simply created, along the seasons, according to our desires and moods, by mixing 2 or more creations from the collection Eaux de Voyage.

With an infinity available combinaisons, your perfume becomes then a full extension of your personality, a real emotional ID. Reserved in the past for sophisticated customers, this « olfactory do it yourself » is today more trendy than ever.. In a society where everything seems more and more normalised, what could be more pleasant than knowing that the fragrance you wear is juste like you : UNIQUE.