7 Quirky Facts about Rum

Dear paradise lover,
Time to sip and sniff.

National Rum Day falls on August 16 every year, making Rum a Leo if it was a zodiac (read what matches this zodiac).

But did you know these 7 very, very random facts about rum?

Rum Rum Rum

Old. Very Old.
Rum is the oldest spirit in the world. The first rum distillation happened in the Caribbean in the 1620s.

Unclear Name Origin
The origin of its name is unclear, though some feel that “Rum” might be a shortened version of the Latin word for sugar cane “Saccharum Officinarum.”

Drier, Not Sweeter, With Age
Although rum is made from sugar cane, it gets drier with age, unlike the conception that it sweetens. Its sugar content is consumed by yeast during fermentation.

Rum as a Currency
Rum was very very valuable. Rum was so valuable in the 18th century that the likes of sailors and buccaneers used it as currency for barter.

Nature's Hair Loss Remedy
Don't take our scientific word for it, but in the 1800s, rum was used as a shampoo to clean the hair and to help thicken hair.

Rum as a Medicinal Prescription
In the 19th-century, physicians prescribed alcohol for the likes of disease control. However, pirates drank rum to prevent flu, scurvy and as an antiseptic to clean wounds and prevent invention. Before sipping it, of course.

George Washington's Choice
President George Washington was quite the mixologist and enjoyed his rum cocktails, particularly Mount Vernon Eggnog, made of Dark Jamaica rum.

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Rum Rum 
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