"Best Coconut Perfume For Suntan Lotion Lovers" –IPSY

Embracing the sun-kissed days of summer has never been easier, thanks to Coco Extreme.

Coco Extreme

Picture yourself on a tropical getaway, with the scent of coconut-infused suntan lotion lingering in the air. Coco Extreme takes you on a fragrant journey that is a symphony of summer nostalgia and beachside bliss, earning its well-deserved spot as one of the 9 Best Coconut Perfumes for Everyone, a distinction proudly bestowed upon it by none other than IPSY.

Thanks, Ipsy 💋  

IPSY recognizes Coco Extreme as the best choice for "suntan lotion lovers", which is a testament to its ability to evoke memories of lazy days on sandy shores. With a blend of notes that open with refreshing coconut water, creamy coconut flesh, and settles into a warm embrace of vanilla and amber, it transports you to a paradise where sun and sea dance harmoniously. Coco Extreme is the go-to scent for those who crave the aroma of suntan lotion and yearn to experience the beach in a bottle.

Whether you're lounging by the pool, strolling on the beach, or simply relishing the warmth of the season, let Coco Extreme be your scented companion in paradise.

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Coco Extreme

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  • How about bringing back the scent “THE”

    George Williams

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