Uncommon Costumes (and Scent Pairings) from Paradise

Hey there scent & costume connoisseurs,
Uncommon Costumes (and Scent Pairings) from Paradise for Halloween

It's officially Spooky Season and you know what that means: the mad dash for an original costume is upon us. Lucky for you, your pen pal from paradise has a few tricks up their sleeve. For those of you who aren't ready to let go of summer (how could we ever let go of paradise?!), but who wants to stun in an uncommon costume, read on.


Hula Girl   Hula Girl Ukelele

Go as: Hula Girl
Spritz: Aloha Tiare
All you need is your vivacious demeanor, a floral shirt, a hula skirt or sarong, a colorful set of leis (can be fresh or forever-fresh, if you know what we mean), and extra points for a ukele in-hand or an added flower behind your ear. And, of course, you'll need a good dousing of Aloha Tiare. The fresh and exciting note of frangipani leaf is caressed by warm tiare flower and creamy ylang-ylang, all atop a soft and sweet base of monoi, coconut, vanilla, benzoin, and musk. See you at the beach (or Halloween party)!


Pirates & First Matey

Go as: A Pirate & His First Matey
Spritz: Rhum & Tabac
If you and a friend have no idea what to dress as for Halloween, look no further than this: a pirate & his matey. All that you'll need are some loose pants, scuffed boots, an oversized white tunic, and a sailors cap. To really take it to the next level, add a fake sword or parrot! Rhum & Tabac was made for the pirates-at-heart. A refreshing lime top note protects against scurvy, and middle notes of rum, cardamom, and cinnamon recall a voyage to distant lands for exotic spices and spirits. Finally, base notes of tobacco leaves and Indonesian patchouli contribute a powerful, masculine density that will leave an intoxicating trail all night long. 


Monkey with Banana  Monkey with Banana

Go as: A monkey with a banana
Spritz: Vanille Banane
Halloween is most fun for the kids, so why not tap into that? Get yourself a bottle of our bestselling Vanille Banane: a fragrance that starts with lighthearted notes of orange, banana, and whipped cream, then adds depth with middle notes of clover and banana tree leaves, and finishes off with a happy, hearty vanilla-white rum accord. Keep the costume cute and goofy with light to medium brown clothes throughout, some round, fuzzy ears, and a banana in-hand! 


Sailor & Mermaid  Sailor & Mermaid

Go as: Mermaid & Sailor
Spritz: Aqua Motu Intense
Finally, a costume perfect for couples who don't want to be cheesy! The sailor will wear all white with a headscarf or handkerchief tied around the shoulders, and a white cap. Option to incorporate some classic stripes throughout. Extra points for a pair of binoculars as prop! The mermaid will wear an outfit in oceanic tones of blue-green-purple, with the option of incorporating some sequins or reflective material for a wet look. To spice this one up, add a shell-based jewelry, a shell-shaped handbag, or an oceanic hair accessory! Aqua Motu Intense transports us to an oceanside escape that the sailor and mermaid would call home. Notes of helychrisum, ocean accord, lily of the valley, warm sand and fucus recall a sandy beach and fresh sea spray.


Day of the Dead  Day of the Dead

Go as: Day of the Dead skeleton costume
Spritz: Yucatán Secret
Since our newest scent, Yucatán Secret, is based on a paradise found in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico, we thought it best to consider a costume inspired by the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. For this costume, opt for black, red, and bold colors, dark floral patterns, and a tailored look. Accessories include a sombrero, flowers in the hair, gloves, and stockings. What really makes this costume, though, is the skeletal makeup. Go for a skeleton makeup look, or, for a more subtle option, a strong contour and very dark eyes and lips. Yucatán Secret is a fragrance unlike any other in our collection. Quenching bergamot and watermelon give way to a heart of lavender and absinthe atop a base of cashmere wood, sandalwood, and amber. 

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Until next time!

Au revoir,
Your Pen Pal from Paradise

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