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The Perfect Fragrances Picked Behind Pride Inspiration

With pride comes an emphasis on rich history, moments of education, and important symbolisms that still hold true till today. The rainbow, as we see here in paradise, has become the monumental symbolism for the LGBTQIA+ community known as the Pride Movement and has been spearheaded since its creation by Gilbert Baker in 1997 after being introduced to the first-ever openly gay elected public official, Harvey Milk.

Shortly before the fatal assassination of Harvey Milk, Milk had urged Baker to find the perfect representation that could promote world peace across the nations. Gilbert Baker was able to find the inspiration behind the flag from the singer and songwriter Judy Garland's “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” as well as the occurrence of the Stonewall Riots that had taken place back in 1969, and the following “Sip-In” protests that occurred within the following weeks. 

As mentioned, it was extremely significant to the creators and the LGBTQIA+ community for the bold symbolism of their flag, which was done so through the colors of the rainbow. Below we have taken the liberty to curate our perfect pride picks to match each inspiration behind the color of the rainbow. Create your own story of symbolism with your favorite scents of this pride with Comptoir Sud Pacifique.


Jasmin Dentelle
Musc & Roses
Pomelo Fizz
Immortel Cedrat
Jardin Néroli
Aqua Motu
Yucatán Secret
Vetyver Haiti

Pink: Gender Identity - Jasmin Dentelle

Red: Life - Musc & Roses

Orange: Healing - Pomelo Fizz

Yellow: Sunlight - Immortel Cedrat

Green: Nature - Jardin Neroli

Blue: Peace - Aqua Motu

Indigo: Harmony - Yucatán Secret

Violet: Spirit - Vetyver Haiti

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