Fall Festivities

As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, we're thrilled to invite you to celebrate the fall season with us at Comptoir Sud Pacifique! While we are known for our tropical fragrances, we believe that every season brings its own magic, and we're here to infuse a touch of paradise into your autumn. Matching fragrances with your daily fun and mood is always a must, and a change in the season calls for a change in festivities. The perfect fall festivities paired with Autumn's Oasis collection.

Vanille Café Coffee Date Vanille Café
Coffee Date


Warm, Sensual, Gourmand

A flirtatious gourmand to match the vibe. Vanille Café is an enriched fragrance that promises riveting intoxication of freshly ground coffee, vanilla absolute and white musk. A fall forward fragrance that has just enough warmth and fruitfulness for a daytime treat.

Sunset Sail Aqua Motu Intense Sunset Sail
Sunset Sailing


Refreshing, Crisp, Herbaceous

A refreshing aquatic take on autumnal activities. A sunset sail in a cool fall embrace holds a golden aura that is truly irreplaceable– a take of salted ocean mists, damp woods and herbaceous green notes. Aqua Motu Intense is perfect fragrance to embrace from day to night.

Haunted Trail Eclats d'Amandes Haunted Trail
Haunted Shoreside Trails


Woody, Spicy, Earthy

Deep into the woods, what will you find? The quintessential ingredients of spicy and exotic landscapes and the depth of spices galore. Eclats d'Amandes will lure your senses and you may never return... from this alluring woody olfactive journey.

Coco Figue Coconut Carving Coco Figue
Coconut Carving


Creamy, Sweet, Nutty

The next best thing to pumpkin carving, the shoreside pumpkin A Coconut! Regardless, Coco Figue is a sweet and creamy scent that complements this fun fall activity.

Musc Cristal Spooky Movie Night Musc Cristal
Spooky Movie Night


Soft, Warm, Comforting

A fragrance to hold you under the blankets. Musc Cristal creates a harmony of powdery white musks and jasmine with the embrace of cashmere and tonka bean– the true essence of a warm and inviting accord. What better way to feel cuddled up on the couch with popcorn?



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  • Coco Figue is my new favorite, so yummy!!

    Samantha Goetz

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