FOR HER: Ultimate Fragrance Gift Guide

So you need to buy her a what?
Buying a gift for a special woman in your life can be a difficult undertaking. Sometimes, it's a lose-lose. If she hates shopping, you have no idea what to get her. If she is the ultra-consumer: she's too picky! Ultimately, you have to pick a gift simply based on her vibe, or aesthetic.

Enter: your ultimate fragrance gifting guide.


We all know her. With the slick-back bun and dainty jewelry, she always seems to have her life together. She is sleek, she is elegant, and she is clean! Now what to get the clean girl (who already seems to have everything)...

Travel Set: This is what is missing from her near-perfect vanity: an adorable trio of 10ml fragrance bottles. Pick out three fragrances to gift her all bottled up into convenient 10 ml bottles. The clean girl smells beautiful all the time–even on the go. Make sure she's all taken care of with our Travel Set.

Musc Cristal: Get your clean girl another one of her ever-present beautiful flower bouquets, except this one will never wither. Musc Cristal is a light floral bouquet of Jasmine, Irises, and Violets kissed with powdery musks and placed on a warm bed of Tonka and Cashmeran. Elegant, simple, classy. Sound familiar? Yep, that's your girl.


Her go-to outfit is a straw hat, some flowy linen pants, and anything turquoise. She is beachy, spunky, and a ray of sunshine. Luckily for you, we have the perfect scents to encapsulate her magnetic energy.

Aqua Motu: The essence of the ocean. Imagine cool sprays of sea salt washing over warm sand, inexplicably bottled up into a perfume–that's Aqua Motu.

Mora Bella: The essence of the tropics. Mora Bella is a bowl of sweet and juicy fruits adorned with tropical flowers, resting atop a base of warm sandalwood.

Coco Extreme: The essence of the beach. Think of the nostalgic smell of suntan lotion, minus the greasy mess. Creamy coconut is front and center with this Coco Extreme, accented with notes of soft vanilla and tonka. Any coastal cowgirl would love this most iconic scent for a beach lover.

Pro Tip: Get multiple of these scents–they're perfect for layering!


She is soft, romantic, and feminine. Lace, ribbon, and (duh) pink are common place in her wardrobe. Her go-to look is "off duty ballerina." Does she even do ballet? It doesn't matter–she is coquette. The obvious fragrance choice for her is the classic vanilla. But, to the delight of vanilla lovers (and to the dismay of the lazy gift-giver), the search doesn't end there. The new question is, which vanilla?

Vanille Iconique: Vanilla. Vanilla. Vanilla. She's classic, sweet, and elegant. Bourbon Vanilla and Tahitian Vanilla are warmed with sandalwood and layered with musks to create Vanille Iconique.

Vanille Abricot: A irresistable blend of tender fruit and soft vanilla. Loved by all– Vanille Abricot is sugary and rich, perfect to compliment the sweet coquette girl.

Vanille Cafe: This scent brings you to a cozy corner of a coffee shop curled up around a vanilla latte. If this seems like your girl's natural habitat, this fragrance is for her. Vanilla and coffee meet with a kiss of almond in Vanille Cafe, creating a decadent blend.

There you have it: a gift for every girl. If you're still stumped, don't worry, you can't go wrong with any of our fragrances. Every woman admires a beautiful scent–clean girls, coastal cowgirls, and coquette girls alike.

With love,
Your Pen Pal from Paradise

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