FOR HIM: Ultimate Fragrance Gift Guide

Let me paint a picture for you: Father’s Day creeps up unexpectedly and you are struggling to find a gift. In an act of desperation, you Google “Father’s Day gifts,” which only produces tools, golf accessories, anything leather, and (weirdly) beef jerky. Sound familiar? 

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

We know how difficult it is to shop for a man in your life who you love dearly, but whom you may not share many common interests with. But, good news, your special guy has an aesthetic (whether he knows it or not). Using our Men’s Fragrance Gift Guide, match his aesthetic to a curated fragrance that reflects the man you know and love.

This year, you can do better than a “World’s Best Dad” mug.

Say it with me–this guy always. has. a. project. You offhandedly mentioned you wanted new shelves, he built them. You loved the string lights you saw at your friend’s house, he’s already rewiring the electricity to your porch. The Hardware Store dad is hardworking, caring, and humble.

Deluxe Set: The man who is never satisfied with the work that is done is often insatiable in all aspects of life. Give him options with our Deluxe Set that includes 3 x 30MLs for just $89.

Rhum & Tabac: Brown rum is paired with cinnamon and cardamom and rested on a bed of tobacco leaves and patchouli for a woody and warm scent–reminiscent of the Hardware Store dad’s workshop. Rhum & Tabac reminds us even the Hardware Store dad needs a cocktail sometimes.

Yep, the dog breed. As one of the most lovable pups, we all know a guy who is a human personification of a golden retriever: happy, loyal, and goofy. While these men may not literally be a yellow ball of fur, they are totally a walking ball of sunshine, constantly brightening your day.

Cologne Mood: Cologne Mood harnesses the energy of a summer day with notes of cedar wood, bergamot, and iris–a happy and refreshing scent bound to reflect the energy of your Golden Retriever (the man, not the dog).

Aqua Motu Intense: Just like a Golden Retriever eagerly exploring the shoreline, Aqua Motu Intense's marine accords whisk us away to the edge of a beach where the sand is dampened by the refreshing ocean waves.

He may be a dad, but he sure is cool. He rocks old high tops (that he wore before they were trendy) and is a constant crowd-pleaser with the kids when he can do a kickflip on that rusty skateboard in the garage. This guy is cool, classic, and confident. 

 Vetyver Haiti: Fresh and unique, sparkling notes of Lemon and Bergamot from Italy intertwine, emphasize, and exalt the woody strength of Vetyver. Vetyver Haiti is as interesting and captivating as the ever-cool retired skater.

Yucatán Secret: As dad reminisces about shredding the concrete waves, the scent of Yucatàn Secret transports them to a tranquil oasis, where the tropical notes evoke memories of sun-soaked afternoons.

Oudh Intense: A dark perfume, resolutely powerful and intoxicating, rich in mystery. Much like your dad, Oudh Intense has a story to tell.

If your guy doesn’t fit any of these vibes, that’s ok too! Let him decide with our Layering Sets; either way, it will be a welcomed change from years of golf balls and monogrammed leather wallets.

With Love, 
Your Pen Pal from Paradise

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