Fun in the Sun & Stars: Air 🌬 

The Movers and Shakers


Geminis are our sandy little chameleon friends; they blend in when they need to but are observant, low tempered, very intelligent, and can also be gone in the blink of an eye. Epices Sultanes is leveled by enchanting sandalwood and topped off with a luscious blend of roses and dried fruit. The perfect malleable recipe for the two-sided, albeit charming Gemini.
Epices Sultanes

Libras are fun, flirtatious souls that crave adventure and laughter. No matter where they go, they are grabbing attention, and in the most positive possible way. A Libra will show you how to feel confident and enthralled, which pairs perfectly with Oudh Sensuel. A fragrance that is powerful yet romantic, with memorable notes of saffron. A libra always leaves you wanting more.
Oudh Sensuel

Aquarius is a free and fun-loving spirit with a whimsical presence. An Aquarius is very self-reliant and resilient. Like the air, they do not take a specific form and waver to their desires: Souffle Des Indes, a dreamy, unique recipe of Jasmine, Mandarin, and musk. Aquarius will keep paradise fun and full of exciting adventures.

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