Fun in the Sun & Stars: Earth 🏝

The Glue That Holds Us Together


Taurus may be the most grounded sign within the zodiacs.They crave physical attributes, touch, luxury, any attachment that can fill their personal needs. This is the person to bring with you on your relaxing vacations, at the spa, and anywhere inhabitable for a cozy nap! Green Patchouli will rest nicely on their skin, keeping them rooted with damp woody undertones and subtle notes wrapped in minty herbs and patchouli.
Green Patchouli

Virgos are quick, analytical thinkers that are very fast on their feet. They are tender with subtle shyness and systematic in their approach to others. Rhum & Tabac is full of life but has subtle notes of lime and cinnamon to help keep its balance but with the intensity of tobacco.
Rhum & Tabac

Capricorns are very logistical creatures, practical with goal-oriented lives. They are ambitious and exceptionally persistent but also very stubborn. It comes to no surprise that Coco Figue will tie the knot for Capricorn, a bold resilient coconut fragrance with similar intentions throughout its lasting sillage. The Capricorn is the person who always carries their laptop to Paradise!

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