Fun in the Sun & Stars: Fire 🔥 

The Life of The Party


Choosing a new scent can be daunting… so why not approach it in the same way you question other life choices: see what the stars have in store for you. Presenting our astro-scent pairings.

Aries is the type to pack a punch, filled with an extravagant night that you will always remember. They are bold, striking, and most importantly, extreme with their emotions and decisions. It’s no surprise that Vanille Extreme should be the coupling pair to the Aries on their thrill-seeking adventures, with deep and expressive notes of vanilla and a warm, passionate sillage to always remember them by. Are you up for the adventure?
Vanille Extreme

Leo’s are loyal, courageous and aim to accomplish their goals with a flare. They are natural-born leaders and abundant dreamers. A Leo thrives in the sun, and the sand, which gives the perfect pairing with Aloha Tiare– the sweet rush of paradise and sunshine with the reminiscence of the Tiare flower, vanilla, coconut, and musk.
Aloha Tiare

Sagittarius are extreme extroverts with an exhilarating energy that will continuously uplift a room. Their energy is contagious, loyalists, and optimists. Similar to Vanille Banane, they evoke senses that everyone is passionate about; the coupling of vanilla and banana brings an eccentric beam of comfort. Bring a Sagittarius with you anywhere to ensure a positive experience in paradise, with a touch of mischief. 

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