Fun in the Sun & Stars: Water 🌊

The Intuitive Thinkers


Like water, a Cancer may seem luring, charming, and sounds of paradise, but when submerged, there can be immense currents and tides, enveloped in emotion. Another intuitive zodiac, the crab strays from danger, often hidden behind rocks to choose their close allies and run from their enemies. Yucatán Secret holds all of these qualities true, with light tropical top notes of watermelon and lavender and deep base notes of sandalwood and amber to hide behind. A perfume for lovers, and lovers of secrets.
Yucatán Secret

Unlike the other water signs, a Scorpio is not afraid to show their energy and lively spirit. They thrive on pushing their dedicated goals with charming features. But like that of a scorpion, they have a mysterious and unspoken charm that is sensually alluring. Aqua Moto Intense can do just that-entice those surrounding them with perplexing and exciting energy. A party on the water with an after-party in a secluded beach is truly where a Scorpio thrives. With all their intensity.
Aqua Motu Intense

The Pisces can be timid and meek, like oceanic mist, discreet and coddled by coastal valleys. Do not be fooled, as Pisces also has an energetic side with those close to heart. They are very intimate creatures, like that of Aqua Motu. This fragrance transcends you into the middle of the ocean, a tranquil blend of Helichrysum, lily of the valley, and compliments of warm sand.

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