Nuts About Coconuts

Dear nutty readers,
Just kidding, but you know we are all nuts about coconuts.

Nothing can transport you to a tropical beach faster than the scents of coconut. A remarkably nuanced and versatile scent, perfumes made with coconut notes range from sweet to beachy to fruity to aquatic.

Nuts about Coconut  Nuts about Coconut  Nuts about Coconut

But did you know these incredible facts about coconuts?

1. When the Portuguese sailors of Vasco da Gama discovered coconut, the hard shell reminded them of a skull and the mythical creature the Coco. This is what it was named after!
2. The coconut is old... really. Literary evidence from the Ramayana and Sri Lankan chronicles showcase it being in South Asia before the 1st century BC. 
Coconut Oil
3. Scientifically and botanically, it is classified as a fruit. It is a drupe, more commonly known as stone fruits.
Coconut OilHeart
4. Coconut oil is second to soybean oil in the most produced oil. Coconut oil contains MCTs, medium-chain triglycerides which are easy to digest and is a source of energy for the metabolism and heart health.
5. Coconut oil has swept the beauty world with so many celebrities swearing by it. Even in fashion, its fiber is used to create robust armor and suits (e.g. in the Kiribati islands.)
Coconut Tree BioFuel 
6. Coconut trees are one of the only plants that can produce enough oil to meet the requirements of being an alternative biofuel.
7. The coconut palm is the national tree of the Maldives, and is actually not a Hawaiian national, despite being the pop culture costume for natives from Hawaii.

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    • I love love love the coco family, and especially the Vanille Coco. I had a transplant recently and could not travel, and before that was Covid, and we couldn’t go anywhere while getting approved for then being on the transplant list… so THIS made me smile and feel like I was on the beach, even tho I was parked at home and isolated in my house for nearly 3 years. Thanks SUD PACIFIQUE!! I am SO glad I tried the samples and then got the BIG bottle with the discount coupon you sent :)


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