Ready to smell like a snack? Vol. 1

Dear reader,

You already look like a snack... ready to smell like a snack?

Gourmand fragrances are essentially the scent of something edible. Often packed with tasty notes like vanilla, almonds, caramel, fruits, pastries, whipped cream, and anything else that makes your tummy rumble.

In our first edition we bring you the fruity flavors that will have your beach diet goals ready in a scented edition. 

So let's see what makes things good enough to eat... almost. 


Fruit Salad Vanille Abricot
The Fruit Salad
Vanille Abricot

With top notes of jackfruit, apricots and papaya, this one will have you smelling like that fruit platter that everybody is clamoring for.

Vanille Blackberry Very Berry
Very Very Berry
Vanille Blackberry

With notes of bergamot, lemon, pink berries and blackberries, ever felt like smelling like the ray of sunshine in someone's day?

 Oh Banana Mama Vanille Banane
Oh Banana Mama
Vanille Banane

If the apricot has a peach connotation, then go all the way with a banana association! With notes of whipped cream, banana and orange, this is like that delectable banana split you can never resist.

Coco Figue Pretty Fig Tart
Pretty Fig Tart
Coco Figue

Figs are used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine aplenty, so smell as fresh as a trip to paradise with top notes fig, coconut pulp, hot milk mousse and coconut powder. 

Vanille AbricotVanille BlackberryVanille BananeCoco Figue

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