Ready to smell like a snack? Vol. 2

Dear reader,
Ready to smell like a snack all year round?

Gourmand fragrances can be both of the fruity variety, or as the days get chilly and we reach for the cashmere, filled with notes of vanilla, coconut, chocolate, and essentially anything that cozies you up. 

Behold our second edition to make you good enough to eat... almost. 

Bourbon Shots Vanille Iconique
Bourbon Shots
Vanille Iconique

Let's just start with shots, should we? Bourbon vanilla, Tahitian vanilla and musk is sure set to evoke those aphrodisiac tendencies.

Matin Calin Toffee
Toffee Taffy
Matin Calin

With toffee, milk and candy sugar, this one will take you straight to momma's house to see where the candy stash is.

Coconuts Coco Extreme
Nuts for Coconuts
Coco Extreme

While technically a fruit, this coconut pulp scent has notes of tonka bean, hot milk mousse, candy sugar, coconut powder and vanilla... enough to make it a diet breaking indulgence... at least you'll only smell like it sans calories.

Vanille Extreme Sugar 
Vanilla Sugar
Vanille Extreme

Move over watermelon sugar, vanilla sugar is the next pop icon. With sugar vanilla and vanilla absolute, this one is as sweet as it is sassy.

 Nightcap Amour de Cacao 
Nightcap of Love
Amour de Cacao

For those with a romantic bone, the notes of cocoa bean and orange zest are like the decadent chocolate coffee orange combination that is a nightcap before snooze time (or love time). 


Vanille IconiqueMatin CalinCoco ExtremeVanille ExtremeAmour de Cacao

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