Summer Scents Filled With Citrus

With the summer sun comes the delights of citrus melodies.

The trees dance in the warm rain in the topics to release aromas felt throughout the world.

Pomelo Fizz Yucatán Secret Immortel Cedrat

In modern-day perfumery, we know citrus fragrance through perfumery as a zesty, fresh essence of fruits, but it is also one of the oldest known perfumeries to date.

Oil DropperBottle
Citrus aromas were first introduced to the world through an expedition of Alexander the Great to Asia from Greece with quantities of the citron plant. And with the growth of bitter oranges, the steam distillation of alcohol through fruit, to the more pure concentration of Oil to form perfumery.

Middle East
Slowly citrus aromas stretched through the Mediterranean coast into Arabia, introducing deeper, fuller citrus notes with blends of herbs, spices, and incense.

Citrus Floral
Citrus is one of the most distinctive olfactory notes within perfumery, which can make it more difficult to blend with other base fragrances, which makes a quality automatic citrus rare and more expensive than its sister fragrance florals.

Maldives Heart
Citrus fruits continue to inspire the world of perfumery with unique summer scents that ripen with the touch of the sun. Our array of citrus-inspired fragrances are seen through the tropics around the world, and hope they brighten your days as much as ours.

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