The Allure of Brewing Sensations

COFFEE: A bewitching and energizing scent. In all its forms, this ingredient charms the nose with its complex and evocative notes.

Coffee Beans

Coffee, with its origins rooted in Ethiopia, has a rich history as a cherished beverage consumed for centuries. Its journey began in the highlands of Ethiopia, where its invigorating properties were first recognized and embraced. Over time, this beloved bean found its way to the vibrant markets of the Arab world during the 16th century, captivating the senses and establishing itself as a beverage of social and cultural significance. The allure of coffee transcended continents and soon swept across Europe, ultimately finding its place in the bustling ambiance of cafés and the cozy corners of homes.

Coffee Cup

The legend says that coffee was discovered by a shepherd from Ethiopia. He is said to have noticed that his goats were more restless than usual after eating the fruits of an unknown tree. He then decided to taste it to test the energizing effect. He then shared his discovery with a local monk who had the idea of infusing the berries in hot water, thus giving birth to the first cup of coffee.

Coffee Plant

The olfactory profile of coffee in perfumery is rich and captivating. It brings a deep, bewitching warmth, with sweet notes of roasted coffee, cocoa and sometimes caramel. Coffee accords can also reveal woody, spicy or floral facets, depending on the other ingredients present in the composition. Adding coffee to a fragrance can bring a touch of intensity and depth, as well as a feeling of warmth and comfort that evokes the pleasure of freshly ground coffee.

Different extraction methods can be used to obtain the coffee accord used in perfumery. The most common is supercritical CO2 extraction, which preserves the rich, subtle scent of coffee without altering its olfactory quality. 

Vanille Café



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