Trips & Spritz: Vol. 1

Hey vacation-goers,
We're back with a new series: Trips and Spritz
Spritz for an instant vacation


There is nothing that takes you back in time like a scent...
According to seasoned travelers, scent and memory are intermingled so tightly that if you wore a particular perfume on a particular trip and then opened that bottle again years later, the scent would trigger deep, internal memories in a way that no photo or other sensory souvenir would. 
Your selected perfume bottle can be regarded as a time capsule preserving the essence of the most remarkable experiences you've encountered.



How to Pick a Fragrance Based on Your Vacation
Picking a fragrance based on your vacation can enhance your overall experience by evoking specific memories and creating a unique sensory atmosphere. Scents have a powerful ability to move you through time and space. And you want to have that one fragrance that will always remind you of that trip. But which fragrance to choose? 

The best way to find out is to close your eyes and just think about the way the destination makes you feel.


Beach Beach Beach

These Travel Inspired Perfumes Will Transport You to Paradise and Beyond...


Destination: Tropical
 Locations: The Caribbean, French Polynesia, Tulum, Hawaii
Activities Include: Tan Lines, Refreshing Cocktails by the Water, Magical Sunsets 

Light and Easy Fragrances for a Tropical Vacation

 We are more sensitive to perfume in warm, humid weather, so bring a lighter fragrance on your lush escape. You can complement the warm sun, sandy beaches, and ocean breeze with fragrances that evoke a tropical paradise. Look for one with notes of fig and coconut for a scent that reflects the heart of the tropics.

Coco Figue


Destination: Mediterranean
Locations: St. Tropez, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Mykonos
Activities Include: Gorgeous Blue Seas, Yachting through Grottos, Cliffside Sunsets 


Light and Refreshing Scents for a Beach Vacation

 When visiting coastal Mediterranean destinations, always opt for fresh and citrusy scents. Scents that can capture the refreshing sea breeze and the laid-back ambiance of these locations.

Immortel Cedrat 


Destination: Romantic Big Cities
Locations: Paris, New York, Venice, Prague
Activities Include: Lots of Sightseeing, Rooftop Bars, and Memorable Late Nights Out 

Sophisticated Fragrances for a City Vacation

 If you're embarking on a romantic escape to cities with big hearts consider wearing elegant and floral fragrances. Look for scents which can add a touch of sophistication and romance to your experience.

Jardin Neroli


Destination: The Desert
Locations: Marrakech, Palm Springs, Atacama, Jordan
Activities Include: Horse/Camel Riding, Vast Terrains, Pool-side Yoga, Epic Sunsets

 Woodsy Fragrances for a Desert Vacation
 Glorious and promising like the sunset, a desert vacation is an exotic journey on its own. Imagine adorning a fragrance in the arid landscape, envision embracing something refreshing - predominantly earthy woods, smooth florals with a delicate touch of mintiness.

Oudh Intense


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