About Us

The feeling of the tropics, bottled since 1974

Pierre and Josée Fournier took their first trip to the Polynesian Islands in 1974. During their travels, they discovered the most beautiful essential oils that would inspire the creation of Comptoir Sud Pacifique. Translating from French to "Storefront to the south Pacific", Comptoir Sud Pacifique invites you to take an instant trip to a sun-drenched paradise with just one spritz. With mouth-watering notes like warm vanilla, creamy Coconut, intoxicating tiare flower, and sultry fig - each fragrance can be worn alone or layered together for the perfect, transporting scent. Through the years, the luxurious collection continues to bring together simplicity, refinement, and tradition - and with a global, cult-following.

So what are you waiting for? Paradise awaits...

Our History

From the very beginning


Comptoir Sud Pacifique gets another makeover! New, blue labels and sleek silver cap to introduce the new collections.


Comptoir Sud Pacifique gets a makeover! Now packaged in glass bottles for a sleek and modern look.


Comptoir Sud Pacifique delves into the mysteries of the Middle East and creates four Oud scents: Aouda, Nomaoud, Oud Intense and Oud de Nuit.


Comptoir Sud Pacifique develops an international celebrity fan base with celebrities such as Cher, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Simpson, and Charlotte Ronson.


The #1 best seller Vanille Abricot is created. Hugely popular for women of all ages, and adored by men everywhere. Vanille Abricot becomes a celebrity favorite.


Comptoir Sud Pacifiques's first Vanilla scent is born seducing a whole young generation which largely contributes to the reputation of the brand.


The "color years" are born; a mix of turquoise and fawn colors that quickly dominated the collections.


The first Comptoir Sud Pacifique store opens its doors in one of the most prestigious of Paris streets, 17 Rue de la Paix.


Original scents are preciously sealed in metal bottles, miniature replicas of those used to ship essential oils.


Pierre and Josée Fournier took their first trip to the islands of Polynesia. the lasting impressions from that first trip reinforced the Fournier's desire to be different through exoticism and refinement of their fragrant creations.