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Deluxe Set

Love it

Crisp banana leaf and vanilla

I didn’t think I could like anything other than Vanille Abricot or Vanille Extreme but this one is beautiful too and becoming a new favorite for the season. It is creamy and warm with vanilla and banana but then it dries down to a crisp green banana leaf while keeping that sweet vanilla background. It’s so good and yummy.

Great scent!!!


This is my favorite vanilla scent ever! It sells like a birthday cake that just came out of the oven and is still hot! I wish there was a body wash, body cream and candle!

A Modern Aquatic

Aqua Motu Intense takes the aquatic class in a new direction, by rounding out the sharp edges and cloying woods with subtle sweet florals and ramping up the longevity. Beautifully done, it’s a cypher for the new era of genderless fragrance.

Exactly like a vanilla mocha latte

This is very nice. Not my personal favorite (that is Vanilla Extreme and Vanille Banane) but this is good. Soft slightly sweet vanilla with hints of coffee, like a vanilla mocha latte. Delicious. And longevity is good with this one too.

My new Favorite!!

I absolutely LOVE this fragrance!!


I love this so much that I wear it even when i don't leave the house just so I can smell it all the time!

True creamy vanilla with banana leaves and sunshine!

This is a new favorite of mine. Love Vanilla Extreme and Abricot, so this is similar in the creaminess and hint of sweetness. It is a true vanilla with banana and banana leaves. Sweet and just so yummy. The dry down has hints of the leaves and is very soft. Never cloying.

Love it!!

I've been looking for a fragrance for a long time. I finally just stopped wearing one. Until....I found this!!! It's fabulous and I will be wearing it for many years to come.


I absolutely love all the fragrances in my sample set but especially the Vetyver Haiti!!
They are light and all remind me of a beautiful summer day! I will be ordering more!


It is literally a treasure trove of exotic, exquisite, haunting fragrances. It makes my heart sing!!


By far and away the best fragrance I have ever used. I used to be a Shalimar girl but once I found this scent and Vanilla Apricot I switched. I was in Henri Bender one day and the fragrance drew me to the perfume counter where I purchased my first bottle. Now wherever I go people ask me what I am wearing. I love it.


This fragrance makes my top 5 ever: My Sin, Opium, Taji, Zen and Casmir.

delicious & fresh

its like a mix of clean & sweet i love it & get many compliments when i wear it


A lovely fragrance. Not over powering.

Love these!

I love this Company! Every scent reminds me of exotic tropical destinations.....while I have a few favs, I suggest getting the sample packs and mix and match to create your own unique vibe!

Vanilla on vanilla

This one is hard to describe. Doesn’t smell like cake, like Vanille extreme, it’s more of a kind of green vanilla, like a tiny bit earthy and soft but not powdery. I can smell only a hint of musk. It’s not overpower like in other fragrances. This is a pretty daytime fragrance that isn’t cloying or headache inducing. On me this dries down to a really nice vanilla slight warmth to it, from the musk.



Love it. Wonderful scent.


sampled several scents looking for the beach in a bottle. this comes very close. wish it was a tad stronger as i feel like i need to spray a lot to get the best effect. overall i love the smell and will purchase again


I usually buy vanilla extreme. This is my new favorite perfume vanilla apricot. if you like vanilla extreme you’ll love this one one

Smells like summer!

This is a beautiful coconut beach-like scent. Not too strong, just beautiful.

Smells like charm in a bottle

Love this scent. I'm not a huge fan of pure vanilla but paired with this citrus, fruity overtone it is just perfect as a daily wear. Charming scent!