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Love it

I want to smell it all day!!!!

Definitely a sweet smelling aphrodisiac...

I absolutely love this fragrance!!! I’ve been wearing it for the last 18 years, and never without a compliment following. Everyone wants to know,”mmmm, what’s that smell?”... it’s me!!!🥰Vanille Abricot baby!! The best part... it lasts ALL day!!!!

The best smelling scent

My Signature Scent for 20 Years

I found this many years ago, when I started teaching. I teach elementary, and I have been told by countless students, "You smell like cupcakes!" I have never worn anything else.

Loved this years ago and fell in love again

I remember my mom buying this when I was young and I loved it!! Years passed but I always thought about this fragrance. I finally decided I needed a pandemic pick me up and bought this. It hasn’t failed me. Still the sweet apricot with vanilla creaminess I remember. It’s almost cotton candy like but softer and not cloying. It’s fruity but fresh, creamy and cozy too. I love it.

The only perfume I'll wear

This stuff is absolutely amazing! I get compliments constantly on it.

Beautiful Scent

I found Vanille Abricot many many years ago, wore it for a long time and then after having difficulty locating it for purchase switched things up and tried different fragrances. Nothing compares to the delicate vanilla happiness that Vanille Abricot delivers. My husband loves it, I receive compliments when wearing, I’ve introduced my daughter to the fragrance and it’s now her signature scent as well. Thank you so much for having created this marvelous scent.

Christmas purchase

I ordered this for my adult daughter as part of her Christmas gifts. She had received a sample and totally fell in love with it. So we found it through website. It arrived promptly and was totally loved by my daughter. Thank you.

This has all the sweet scent of the BlackBerry without anything to spice it up. It reminds me of a car freshener. It isnt awful but I'll stick with coco extreme. It was okay when layered with coco extreme but not coco figue. Not to advertise for another company but I layered it with a small bit of Skylar's Fall Cashmere and it was very nice.

My one and only

This is my mainstay. Goes on delicious and fades deliciously. This is never overpowering even if I accidentally overspray. It never causes breathing issues and leaves a wonderful coconut scent that at the end of the day still makes me go yum whenever a slight whiff hits me randomly. I have been wearing it for years. Please don't stop making this scent!!

Vanille abricot

Absolutely love this scent!!

Fabulous Scent

My niece thoroughly loved her gift. It is her favorite buy hard to find around the holidays.

Love the Scent

I had a sample bottle of it and loved it so much I decided to purchase a larger size. The shipping was quick and shipped on time the carrier was not timely in delivering it. I would purchase again.

Delicious scent

Really a warm and delicious scent- not heavy. Great for Summer or winter

Signature scent

Been wearing for years! Smells like baked goods. Never stop making this!

5 stars

I love your vanille apricot & vanille banana ! They are absoultly divine I just want to bathe in either one I bought a variety of. 12 scents I also really like your cocoa extreme I am going to buy a couple of bigger sizes. Soon!!!!! I have been waiting for a year since I first. Got a sample in my ipsy bag & have been looking for your sight ever since I'm so happy to find it😊💝

Great Gift

If you're not exactly certain which perfume you think that special someone in your life may want, getting a sample like this so they can try many different types to find a great match works well. It also came with a discount coupon so that when the favorite is found, it can be purchased in a larger size at a discount. Great gift idea, and my wife loved it.

Love it

I been buying it for years. Best sweet vanilla in the market.

Awesome Sweet Scent like me! Haha

Mg daughter introduced me to this wonderful scent. She told me was scent like me! I love it! Thanks.

Love it

My grand kids love it,one of them said he wants to eat me😂😂 I used it before and for some reason I think it lasted longer


Have had men follow me in stores asking what is was to buy for their wives--no joke!!

Most Lovely

Undertone smells just like blackberries. Very lovely scent.


Vanille Extreme

Just arrived; love it!

As of today I still didn’t receive the purchase